Mia Ford - Rachel Weiss

Mia Ford began her accomplished acting career at the young age of four, and by the age of seven, she was signed by a top talent agency in Los Angeles, as well as becoming a member of SAG. Mia has appeared in commercials for Ford Motors, Radio Shack, Pizza Inn, Lockheed Martin, Hotels.com, and AAA Insurance. By age of eight, Mia was hired as a "series regular" on the national television show, Barney and Friends. By the age of nine, Mia made her debut on prime-time TV in a dramatic role in an episode of Jericho on CBS.

Within marks the spectacular feature-length acting debut of then 9-year old Mia Ford. In her role as Rachel Weiss, she was nominated for a Best Actress Award at the Strasbourg International Film Festival and won a Best Child Actress Award the same year from the Hollywood Investigator. Mia's film credits also include, Imagine That, starring Eddie Murphy, and Wonderful World, starring Matthew Broderick.

Mia Ford is no stranger to films with a supernatural element, having starred in Imaginary Friend and Far Sighted, where she was nominated and won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Short Film -Lead Actress. Mia has also been heard nationally on the ABC/Disney Radio Network where she was a Radio Disney Kid. Mia Ford is also the sister of actress Madison Ford.




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