Jacques Thelemaque - Producer

In 1993, Jacques co-founded Filmmakers Alliance with his wife, Diane Gaidry, and as president, has built the grassroots collective from a loose-knit group of eight filmmakers into an important independent filmmaking resource with over 400 members. He has overseen the production of hundreds of films and videos, set up important vendor deals, built resource and crew databanks, and facilitated a regular series of seminars and workshops covering all aspects of filmmaking.

His impressive writer-director history includes Infidelity (in equal parts) ( Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival), The Dogwalker (Los Angeles Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Best First Feature - Cinequest Film Festival), Egg (Mill Valley Film Festival, Best Comedy Short - Cinequest Film Festival, Jury Award for Best Short - Methodfest) and Love Without Socks (AFI International Film Festival), as well as several other films which he wrote, directed and/or produced.




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