Liam Finn - Producer

In 2004, Finn, along with partner Jacques Thelemaque, established FA productions, Inc., a fully financed production company seeking to produce low budget independent films with emerging filmmakers. As a freelance producer, Finn produced a variety of projects including features, short films, commercials, music videos, electronic press kits, film website promotions, filmmaker events and an all-digital film festival, Digidance 2001. As a filmmaker, Finn has written, produced and directed several short films and penned several feature screenplays. Hired as a creative consultant on the academy award winning Warner Bros. feature film, Training Day , starring Denzel Washington, Finn created a pre-visualization of the film. Finn also began working with Jeffery Silver of Outlaw Productions in 1997 to fulfill the company's slate of Warner Bros. feature films: Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, Three to Tango, Ready to Rumble, and Gossip. Finn previously worked at Warner Bros. Studios as a management trainee in the Feature Production Department, which oversaw the logistics of making studio movies. He was later promoted to work with the head of World Wide Feature Production for the entire studio, the liaison office between studio executives and movie producers. Other films he is proud to have worked on are the Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor comedy, Another You and Oliver Stone's JFK .




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